Our Nursery is now stocked and open for our customers. We have a wide variety of shrubs and trees. Perennials are coming in regularly now. New, fresh varieties for years of beauty:

tangerine-color avens

Avens, in bud now

English daisies in pink, red, and white.

English Dasies blooming now.


Heuchera many colors right through fall.

pinkish-purple azalea

Azalea for spring color.

nursery trees

We are participating in the Middletown Tree Program again this year. Come in and talk to June or Alli for details.

flowering nursery plants

We have Hellebores, Lenten Roses, Heather, and other flowering plants.

shrubs and trees

So many shrubs in all sizes and shades of green!

more shrubs and trees

We have a variety of shrubs and trees.

pink pieris

Peiris for spring color and year round foliage.

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