For the Birds

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squirle buster bird feeder

Feed the birds, not the squirrels with the Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder!

a variety of bird feeders

We also carry a variety of other bird feeders.

a variety of bird feeders

Aspen Song birdseed

squirle buster bird feeder

Aspen Song birdseed.

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We have unique gifts for all occasions. these are just some of the products we have in now. Visit us to see more!

candles in a variety of colors

Very popular and slow burning soy candles.

more info about candles

More info about candles.

locally made items

Locally made items.

Assorted locally made items and home decor items.

More locally made items.


Something new! Bad Ass Honey from Vaucluse Farm, right here in Portsmouth! YUM

Earth Angel charm braclets


Assorted home decor items.

Home decor items.

French milled soap bars.

French milled soap.

A large variety of succulents

A large variety of succulents.

Small succulent gardens in glass cups and tiny containers.

Succulent Gardens.

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